How is Onken made?

Onken yogurt is made by blending milk with three different types of live cultures. We then add fruit and wholegrains depending on the flavour we’re making, to create a delicious and smooth yogurt.

How is Onken different from its main competitors?

Onken was the very first to create the Big Pot Yogurt in the UK market. Our fans love our yogurt because of its thick texture, quality and exciting flavour combinations.

Is Onken still owned by Dr. Oetker?

In 2011, Onken joined the Emmi family, which is Switzerland’s leading dairy company. Our family of brands sell yogurts, desserts, flavoured milk and cheese!

Do any of your products contain pork?

No Onken products do not contain any pork.

Where do you source your milk from?

Onken Yogurts are made in Germany and the milk is sourced from farms close to the factory so that it is as fresh as possible.

Is Onken suitable for children?

Onken is suitable to eat during pregnancy and to give to children over 1 year old.

Is your packaging recyclable?

In line with the “Recycle Now“ scheme, our foil and plastic lids are widely recyclable and the pot can be recycled at some local recycling depots but we recommend you check with your local council.

How long can I consume your yogurts for after opening?

Please enjoy your Onken within 3 days after opening!

Who owns the Onken brand?

Emmi UK Limited have taken ownership of the Onken brand from previous owner, Dr. Oetker International.


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