Feed Your Inner Happiness

On Thursday 18th July, yogurt brand Onken invited Londoners and yogurt fans alike to experience The Haus of Inner Happiness pop-up in the heart of Soho. As taste is the important number one driver of choice for UK shoppers when purchasing yogurt, the experiential event celebrated Onken yogurts’ delicious taste as well as the brands’ new multi-channel campaign ‘Feed Your Inner Happiness’.

Feed Your Inner Happiness

Free and open to all, the experiential pop-up triggered the senses via a series of bold, colourful and immersive experiences, bringing to life what happiness means through the eyes of Onken. The event welcomed guests through a colourful tunnel that transported them into a room full of inherently joyous experiences, designed to awaken the senses. From here, visitors moved into the Happy Haus area where everything has been designed with huge splashes of yellow to inject the feeling of happy sunshine. For visitors wanting to unleash their Boomerang-best, guests were encouraged to climb aboard the Fruity swing-set in the Onken strawberry field to capture the ultimate Insta-worthy moment. The fun journey throughout the space culminated at the extraordinary Aroma Station where guests were invited to put their senses to the test. Check pictures of the event here.

The TV campaign introduces us to Alan our Onken everyman. Building on a key insight about the relationship between cats and their owners, when Alan takes a spoonful of Onken, the taste is an incredible feeling much like the inner happiness you feel when your cat finally shows you some appreciation… Cue Reginald the cat miraculously voicing his gratitude to his owner Alan, presenting him with his very own ‘You’re Adequate’ balloon. The 20’’ TV spot can be seen here.


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